Application Form

for Students


Please note: Before beginning this application, ensure you have your parent/guardian present.

Application Criteria

  • Write in a complete sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Provide detailed examples.
  • Edit and review the application for accuracy before submitting it.

Hint: Complete the questions on a separate document before submitting it and save a copy for your records.

*Application cannot be submitted without these components.*

*Current teacher and Community reference required.*

The student-athletes’ acceptance into the EDGE program will be based on a cumulative score calculated from the following sections:

Section A: Written Application

Section B: Reference Checks

Section C: Interview

Section A: Written Application


Parent/Guardian Information


EDGE RATIONALE: To support students that use Sport for personal development
Using examples, describe why you are active in sport, recreation, and leisure.
Describe a situation where you demonstrated self-discipline.
Describe how you demonstrate a positive attitude in good times and in the face of adversity.
Describe a situation where you collaborated with a group of people - team or club - to achieve a common goal.
Describe a time when you experienced a significant challenge or setback. Explain how you were able to recover from the difficult situation.


Your references will automatically be sent the referral form based on the email address you enter for them, so please be sure you use the correct address.
A respected member of your community, especially a person with an active and specific social or political role or position familiar with your personal growth. A Community Leader is someone like your coach, volunteer coordinator if you volunteer anywhere, or a member of a board of directors of a community organization that you are involved in.
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