Grade 9 & 10


There will be no impact to elective courses for students in gr. 9 and 10.  

Edge students take an additional fitness credit in grade 9 and 10, while fulfilling all other course requirements!

Additional credits will be offered during a “5th period”, 7-8am for the duration of the school year 2 – 3 times per week.  The Personal Fitness course is geared toward strength and athletic development while making adjustments to individual needs.

At the end of grade 9 EDGE students will have 9 credits rather than the traditional 8 credits.  By the end of grade 10 EDGE students will have a total of 18 credits rather than the traditional 16 credits.

In EDGE we use VOLT Athletics skeleton programming and push them to student-athlete phones.  The grade 9 and 10 student-athlete follows the VOLT All-Around Athlete Program Level 1 & 2. The programs are adjusted by teachers using their Kinesiology and Personal Training expertise. Training requires student-athletes to be prepared, and consistently execute strength and conditioning plans. Since these are daily expectations, these courses require participating students to be:

  • self-directed
  • highly motivated
  • dedicated to fitness
  • receptive to a holistic training approach
  • receptive to constructive feedback.

Additionally, these courses require specific expectations and assignments to be completed independently and often virtually, outside of class time.

If you are interested in applying for a position in these programs, please be sure to complete the entire process and include all requirements for this application. Submitting a complete application is the responsibility of you, the applicant. Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline, will not be accepted and student applicants will therefore forfeit their request to be considered for these courses.

At the conclusion of grade 10, students will have earned 18 credits, rather than 16 credits in a traditional setting, allowing for more flexibility in senior grades in terms of course selection.

CreditsTraditional Grade 9 & 10Grade 9Grade 10
6Health & Physical EducationHealth & Physical Education (Elective)
Extra creditEDGE Personal Fitness (Before school 7:00am to 8:05am)EDGE Personal Fitness (Before school 7:00am to 8:05am)
Extra CertificationsBasketball Referee Certification, Soccer Referee CertificationBasketball and Soccer NCCP Level 1 Coaching

Grade 11 & 12


Grade 11 Crestwood EDGE Personal Fitness: PAF3O9 

The primary purpose of the EDGE Personal Fitness class is to improve student understanding of the demands of sport. This course is designed for student-athletes interested in playing multiple sports at a competitive High School, Representative Club, Regional, Provincial, National, and possibly College or University level.  Students will use a wide range of athletic development strategies to improve their endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, and quickness.  Students will be coached using a precise training program to assure their best performance.  In this course, students devote time to training for their specific sport of choice.  Students complete this course as part of their regularly scheduled class in their grade 11 programming. Students need to successfully complete an application to gain entrance into the course.

A grade 12 University stream course in Grade 11

IDC4U1- Peak Performance- Harnessing the Power of the Mind, Body and Sport

Whether it’s on the playing surface, in the classroom, or in everyday life, every student can improve their performance. This course provides knowledge and tools so students can develop an individualized plan for managing their performance using the Plus 4…  approach that focuses on sleep, nutrition, activity, and mindset. Students will build a solid understanding of how these four interconnected pillars contribute to wellbeing and will be challenged to pursue any thread(s) throughout the course to improve their own performance. The course will combine a variety of subject areas from Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and Fitness and combine hands on learning with leading edge research and discovery. The culminating activity will be a personalized self-management plan that is backed by sound scientific research and aimed at having a positive impact on the individual’s performance in an area they wish to pursue. The course is fluid in nature and will develop as the world’s understanding of each of the four pillars grows.

Grade 11 PLF 4M – Recreation and Healthy Active Leadership

Students will develop the leadership and coordination skills needed to plan, organize, and safely implement recreational events and other activities related to healthy, active living.  Students will also learn how to promote the benefits of healthy, active living to others through mentoring and assisting them in making informed decisions that enhance their well-being. The course will prepare students for university programs in physical education and health and kinesiology and for college and university programs in recreation and leisure management, fitness and health promotion, and fitness leadership.

Grade 11 Edge Co-op

Details coming soon!

Grade 12 Crestwood EDGE Personal Fitness: PAF4O9

  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Individualized Programming
  • Independent Journaling

A fitness credit for you by you on your own time.   More details coming soon.

CreditsTraditional Grade 11 & 12Grade 11Grade 12
4EDGE Comprehensive Health "Harnessing the Body, Mind and Sport" (4U/C)EDGE Kinesiology (4U)
5EDGE Personal Fitness (Assigned period)EDGE Recreation and Healthy Active Leadership (4M)
Extra creditEDGE Grade 11 Co-op (Summer camp, community coach, fitness mentor)EDGE Co-op Independent Personal Fitness (Before and after school)
Extra CertificationsCPR and First Aid Training, Athletic Taping, SHSM certificationsOSLC - Ontario Student Leadership Conference, SHSM certifications