Sport Psychology


Crestwood EDGE

Mental Performance

Pre-Workshop Reflection


Please take time to reflect on the following questions related to your performance. This requires you to think deeply, and without distraction, about the things you do and the why behind what you do in relation to performance.

Jot down your answer to each question in your notebook, logbook or journal. We will build upon this work in the first workshop on December 8.

I look forward to working with you!

Reflection Questions

1. What do you include in your pre-training/pre-competition routines?

2. What do you include in your post-training/post-competition recovery and debriefing routines?

Consider the above questions as they relate to your physical preparation, mindset preparation, emotional preparation, technical and tactical preparation.

3. Typically, what gets in the way of you performing at your best? Go into detail.

4. How would you describe the emotional, psychological and physical states that allowyou to perform at your best? Consider pre-performance and in-performance states.