VOLT On-Boarding


1. VOLT Athletics

Training App

Edge program students will register for their own Volt Athletics training software. This program will allow students to individualize workout plans as well as track and assess progress.

The program will provide instant feedback as well as allow for better communication between the student and the fitness teacher

Having a training app at their fingertips will also allow Edge students the opportunity to track training sessions outside of school hours, allowing for a more flexible training schedule.


2. Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Every student will be assigned a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. The monitors will be used during each workout to guide deeper fitness understanding and body awareness. Students will learn how to care for their HR monitor, as well as how to use the PolarGofit, Polar Beat, and Polar Flow apps. The apps will be used to guide training, and gather data for guided discovery about how exercise impacts one’s physical and mental well-being during training, as well as athletic development.


3. Training Journal

The written journal will be a cornerstone for tracking Athletic development information and psychometric data. Students will record items like sleep duration and quality, mood, as well as their appetite to gain a better understanding of how their overall well-being impacts their development. A coiled wire notebook of lined paper, or little black book is available for a few dollars at the Dollar Store.